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Welcome To Electrician Trade

After independence, there has been tremendous progress in the skill training programms in India keeping in India with the rhythm of rapid industrialization of the country from early fifties.

So, our management is started Electrician course keeping all this in mind. Growth of a society or country is measured by its industries & industrial development is fully dependent on the skilled man power with this view since 1994 this institute is imparting skills in different trades. In this “ ELECTRICIAN” trade is providing an important training under two year CTS programme. The progress of country measured by its electricity generation ,capacity and it is heart of any kind of industry it may be. Most of the sugar industries are generating powers by generating powers by using biogases, so it is advantage & need of electrician.

Course Objective
1 Industrial Safety
2 Installs, maintains & repairs electrical m/c in factories ,workshops, power houses, business & residential premises.
3 Studies drawings & executes them
4 Makes connections & solder s them
5 Tests electrical installation by using megger
6 Repairs & replace defective wiring
7May do armature winding
8 May operate, attend and maintain electrical motors, pumps, etc.
9 Locates faults in case of breakdown & replaces blown out fuses.
10Prepares electrical earth electrodes & connects it to equipment / machine etc.
11 Wind/rewind motors & transforms.
12 Re-conditioning of secondary battery.
13Able to fabricate, test & troubleshoot simple electronic circuits motor control.
14Industrial visit.
15Project work.

 Job Opportunities

There is good number of opportunities for an electrician for an Electrician.

1]As an electrician ( In local electricity boards, railways, Telephone dept, Airport & other Govt & Semi-Govt establishments )
2]In sugar, steel, cement factories
3]Wireman in auditioning and cinema halls.
4]Winders of electric motors
5]Service technicians in varies companies.
6]Assemblers in the domestic appliance manufacturing industries..
7]In Indian navy, army & Air force as electrician (TC).
8]In Indian Railway.
9] There are plenty of opportunities are there to become a self - entrepreneur.

Workshop Equipped With
1Motor (DC) – Alternator set of output 440v ,(5hp) (3kva)
2Motor – DC generator set 3Ph, 15 HP
3Slip ring induction motor with braking arrangements.
4 Dc motors – Shunt, series , compound.
5 All types of 1ph induction motors .
61ph, 3ph Transformers
7Starters such as O.D.L Autotransformer, Star/Delta , Manual & Automatic.
8 Individual tool kit as per norms.
9 Good number of measuring instruments such as 2 element wattmeters.
10Glass covered meters for demo.
11Large Teakwood wiring board.
12Spacious working tables with acrylic sheet, panel boards.
13For the safety of trainees each machine provided with double earthing & sensitive ELCB’S, rubber mating.

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