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Welcome To Fitter Trade

When an industry of the world found lack of technical skills and knowledge in technicians required for their industries they decided to educate raw candidates, them a best technical practical knowledge and form them into technically skilled one. In the connection of this, industrial training center / institutes were established, for which first of all mechanical related trades were introduced among them was FITTER TRADE.

As the mechanical machine components (made of metal or plastic ) need to support all the other factors which are included in machine assemblies the FITTER TRADE a part of the mechanical engineering became the need of the society, so most of the people accept that the mechanical engineering is Mother of all engineering trades . so the FITTER TRADE gets an importance in industries level since it is part of mechanical engineering.

The FITTER TRADE involves learning of lathe operations, sheet metal work, heat treatment, welding, forging, metal filing ,metal cutting, plumbing (pipe assembling work) , assembling and dismantling of equipments and their etc. without metal and plastic components or mechanical operations made by FITTER technicians no one machine or assembly can completed.

After the many decades, even after many technical trades have been introduced to the society, the FITTER TRADE as part of mechanical engineering retains its own demand , importance, impressions and influence among the industries.

Where in the wall of success every brick is of utmost importance we provide a perfect insight into todayís complex world of industrial technology and vocational preparations to students who will work on such complexities.

Most of industries need the fundamental technical workers, which is mostly fulfilled by skilled FITTER TRADE technician.

General Information of Trade
Name of the Course Fitter
Total Seats 21
Units 1+1
Eligibility S.S.L.C/S.S.C Passed
Duration 2 Years
Ratio Apprentice to worker 1:5
Age Limit 16 tO 40 Years
Space Required 88Sq Meters (Workshop) ,30Sq Meters(Class Room)
Power Required 3.51KW

Course Objective
1 Industrial Safety
2 Bench Work And Hand Tools
3 Measurement And Measuring Tools
4 Gauges
5 Threading
6 Fastening
7Cutting Tools
8 Power Transmission
9 Fits And Limits
10Surface Finishing Technique
11 Coolants And Lubricants
12 Metals
13Heat Treatments
14Jigs And Fixtures
16Sheet Metal
17Lifting Applinces
19Machine Tools
21Industrial Visit
22Project Work

Workshop Equipped With
1 Drilling Machine
2Lathe Machine
3Hack Saw Machine
4 Grinding Machine
5 Wielding Machine
6Buffing Machine
7Marking Table
8 Bench Vice
9 Forging & Forging Equipment
10Analog & Digital Precision Instruments
11Plumbing Equipments
12Sheet Metal Equipments

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